Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dodge City Land Use Convention Notes

By Donna Singer

Taken by Donna Singer

Jim CarlsonKNRS Goal:  Change America:  The organization has accepted a vision to change America back to what it was supposed to be.
 ~~Congressional Research Act:  Purpose is: Changing laws back to Real America.
 Re-establish a government “of, by, and for the people.  All people – not just the rich.
Power should flow from the bottom to the top---Not the Top to the bottom.
Yesterday an Executive Order was developed to get rid of the E.P.A.  Environmentalists no longer  have power or authority.  We need to be gate keepers.  We have to do the work to make positive changes.  (He is the one who encouraged us to write to those 29 DOI people)

Trent Loose:    Linger on language we use to communicate!
Take information home and communicate with local people in a way they understand.  Current Executive Orders are creating a great opportunity to change and make changes.  We must be engaged to make a Difference.
We need to develop and support a Representative Republic that depends on local input: individual input,  County and State Input.

Karen Budd-Falen:  Develop a guide for Local Influence on Federal Decisions (applause) Karen worked on Transition Team on Trump’s election with Transition as a Motto.  We need to push on all levels of Federal administration
Don’t go Home and Do Nothing       Write to the 29 Dept. of Interior people e-mailed this week)
Local governments will have significant influence on Change.
Local governments must be ready and DOING something
            Look at: Agencies, Manuals, Handbooks:  Review and make changes. Use Task Lists

Main Statutes To Become very familiar with:
  National Environmental Act – Statutory Authority and Federal Land Agency
Consistency Review:  If local government has a land issue policy, Federal Agency MUST reconcile any inconsistencies.  Caveat:  Local government can’t violate Federal law.  But otherwise, local laws take precedence.

1.     VISION:  Local Environment and Culture and economy
a.     Define the local Environment
b.     Determine what you want to see in local environment
c.      Resource utilization
d.     Management Plans
2.     CUSTOM AND CULTURE    =    Who We Are
a.      Local people and local Government processes
b.     Examine Jobs, Recreation, Shopping, Hunting, etc. that is important       
and common to area.
c.      Determine local tax base:  Forecast impact on tax base by local             
d.     Introduce policies based on Data.   Reconcile County and state policies
e.     Demand legal rights to consistency and results:  Environmental, Cultural, and Land use policies with Accurate Descriptions and Consistency Reviews


      Develop Relationships!!
--Come up with ways that will work for local people and meet  federal and state  policies.

COORDINATION PROCESS:   Using relationships with other entities that would be impacted.  How can each organization provide input and support? Solve the problem locally. 

Cooperating Agency = The Local government!!  Charged with protecting local people and communities.  Coordination of tools of each Government / Public/Private Entity
              God gives Us Rights

Constitution was set up to keep the government from taking People’s Rights.  It binds all Federal agencies.  Currently,  Federal Agencies can do anything that is not prohibited by law. It should be individuals can do anything.    Ask “What statutes supports what a government agency is doing..” 

Intent of the Bill of Rights :  To Protect the individual and their private property and their individual Rights.  This is our Chance to Make It Right----If we don’t Take Action, We will lose the Chance.  Develop a Local Work Plan.  If funding for the plan comes from the Federal or State Government, the plan must follow Environmental Policies.

FEMA:  Define Custom and Culture:
History of the Area
·       Description of the local people over time
·       Current Use of land by local people
·       Benefits to the land by the rotation of utilization and cattle rotation, minimizing fire hazards with rotation of grazing, and Sacred use of herbs, berries, and firewood by generations of Native people.
·       How will this be affected by federal regulation or action?

Federal agencies have hi-jacked “environment” in many areas with National Monuments using Environmental Impact as a threat.    But desecration has increased in these designated areas  significantly .

If a local/County Sheriff is elected by the people, this individual has number one authority over Federal agents in Counties.     Check Old Records How will this affect Federal Agency policy?   Currently, FLIPMA seeks to control land use to try to strip out local control. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bear Essentials ~~ APRIL 16, 2017


Beyond Standing Rock. KUED Channel 7 ~~ Sunday April 30, 3 PM

n  A Realistic View of the Bears Ears National Monument  Tribune Op-ed by Ryan Benally, Stewards of San Juan vice president

n  Please Continue to write to all agencies within the Department of Interior. 

   ~~Charges filed against Franklin and Chilcoat  Endangerment of livestock SJRecord
          ~~Deseret News version                    
          ~~Salt Lake Tribune Version
*When commenting publicly on this story, or others which may be headed to court, It would be wise to step back and let the county pursue the charges.  Sometimes inflammatory remarks made in public have a way going awry and harming our cause.  Often anger speaks louder than wisdom.

n  San Juan County ranchers/ farmers are invited to 2nd Annual Range Rights and Resource Symposium next month in Omaha, Nebraska. It's going to be an outstanding two days with speakers on private property and federal land management issues held at Bellevue University and will include a tour of the University of Nebraska Lincoln Research Center. For more info see http://rangerights.com 

Bad News Bears

Decision promisea more than it delivers.   E-mail or call:  Monticello office: utmtmail@blm.gov; State BLM Office: blm_ut_so_public_room@blm.gov; Moab District office: utmbmail@blm.gov; 202-208-3801 National BLM phone number

    Quote from Judge Judy relates to the article above: “Don’t pee on my shoes and try to tell me it’s raining.” 

·       Letter received from the Monticello BLM Manager:
Hello Ms. Wilcox,
To your point that when comparing maps, most routes looked like they were already open for use - You are correct that trails in the area especially up on the west rim of Recapture canyon have remained open since 2007, and thus have continued to be used by the public.  However, these routes were not designated as open to motorized use in the 2008 Monticello Resource Management Plan (RMP). Without this latest decision, motorized use would not be able to be continued since those were not designated routes.  In the RMP it states, “Actual route designations can be modified without completing a plan amendment, although NEPA compliance is still required.”  This environmental assessment was the vehicle to make the determination as to whether the routes should be added to the Travel Management Plan or not. If a determination would not have been made in this analysis and decision, there would have had to be a whole separate analysis to determine possible continued use of those routes in order to be in compliance with the RMP.  It is unfortunate that the headline or title put on the Press Release has been interpreted by many to infer far more than what was actually part of the decision.
          Don Hoffheins


For Bears Ears information the past nine months, go to

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bear Essentials ~~ APRIL 8, 2017

n  April 12 noon: Beyond Standing Rock. KUED Channel 7
n  and Sunday April 30, 3 PM

n  Results of SOS fundraisers last week:  Ticket Sales at SJC Republican dinner brought in $390 plus the Glock pistol was generously donated by them.  An additional $1910 was generated by ticket sales, donations, and the cake auction at Comic Relief April 3. Eva Workman was the winner of the pistol.  Many thanks to all who purchased tickets both here and afar!  Donations will be used for No-Monument advertising and this Summer’s Freedom Fest.  Stewards of San Juan still have size Medium No Monuments shirts for sale for $8. Contact Wendy Black 435-459-1970.

n  If you need a bigger size, or choice in color go to Amazon.com and search “bears ears no monument shirt”.  These were designed by the Crippen family, and we get a % back from each sale.  Ours are a better price than the Pro-Monument shirts!

n  We are working with Sutherland Institute to expand our message via TV ads, and videos.  Find them here.  

n  Add this layover onto your Profile picture on Facebook.   http://profile.actionsprout.com/o/0B0058

n  Legal ramifications giving Presidential Authority to Revoke or Reduce National Monument Designations.  Video includes Mike Lee, Robb Bishop, focuses on the Antiquties Act which is always "behind the scenes."

n  Be informed and supportive of local businesses.  This Weeks Featured Business White Mesa Uranium Mill.               
      What Grand Canyon Trust says:

n  Rare Historic Photos digitized for public Use.  There are many San Juan County Ones.
n  Jim Keyes had a great article in the April Utah Cattlemen Newsletter.  Thanks, Jim, for the thumbs up. 
n  San Juan County ranchers/ farmers are invited to 2nd Annual Range Rights and Resource Symposium next month in Omaha, Nebraska. It's going to be an outstanding two days with speakers on private property and federal land management issues held at Bellevue University and will include a tour of the University of Nebraska Lincoln Research Center. For more info see http://rangerights.com 

n  Continue to write or call Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke. He is getting LOTS of pressure from the Green Urbanites as is President Trump.  Please stay engaged with your encouraging words of support and ideas.
Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke: 1849 C Street, N.W. Washington DC 20240
(202) 208-3100
Email Dept. of the Interior

 Good News Bears

~Be sure to read Jim Stiles newest issue of the Canyon Zephyr. Especially the Bears Ears Alternative Solution

Western Republicans hope Trump will revoke some monuments created under previous presidents, but would also like to pass legislation altering the Antiquities Act, the 1906 law that allows the president to protect large swaths of land without Congress’s consent.

~Janet Chilcoat caught by cowboys interfering with livestock in SJC  Poetic justice as the Bears Ears Boys just dedicated a song to her Monday Night!

~DOI ends coal moratorium  Zinke steps up to the plate for oil and gas development. by Marjorie Haun
“Department of Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, former U.S. Representative from Montana, has made it clear that he intends to implement President Trump’s America-first energy plan. Leaving environmentalists howling–and likely gearing-up for an avalanche of lawsuits–Zinke is moving swiftly in both word and deed to make Interior the Department of Energy Independence.”
Bad News Bears

n  Extreme Green lawsuits delay BLM Payments to N. Mexico   New Mexico’s efforts to end its current fiscal year in the black are being complicated by a $69.9 million payment from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management that is delayed by protests of lease agreements.

n  Enviromental Tyranny caused by abuse of “Equal Access to Justice Act.”   By Marjorie Haun The Sue and Settle green machine game: …over a decade, eight environmental groups filed more than 3,300 cases in federal district courts across the country. In the last two years of the Bush Administration, seven groups filed 253 lawsuits; in the first two years of the Obama Administration, those groups filed 525 lawsuits…It is not only the sum; also outrageous is the hourly rate granted to environmental group attorneys. Instead of the statutory hourly ($125), these lawyers averaged $491; the highest rate awarded was $775!”

n  The National Park Service spent the most on administrative leave among DOI agencies, with 69 employees on leave for nearly 62,000 hours at a cost of more than $2 million. Indian Affairs put the greatest number of employees on administrative leave at 83, for a total of nearly 55,000 hours, costing $1.8 million. Read full story

n  The Paradox of trying to Protect Forests   Trees need to be harvested to prevent forest fires.

n  Stupidest Op-ed I’ve read this week:  Written by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia for LA Times******

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Bear Essentials* APRIL 1, 2017

 n  Plan to Come Monday Night April 3-- Bears Ears Comic Relief –  Donations Appreciated—Arts and Events Center
An evening of humor and fun providing “Comic Relief” will feature Grand Old Broads in Recovery, Lilly Tomblin at the Bears Ears Information Booth; and the infamous Bears Ears Boys 7 PM  April 3. Musical parodies, cowboy poetry, and skits are on tap along with Leonie and Allen Hunt, with a musical tribute to SJC. Please invite your like-minded friends and family to come enjoy this event. Jim Keyes will run the Cake Auction followed by the raffle drawing and pot luck dessert bar at the end. (Please bring something to share if you can). Come and enjoy!   Raffle tickets for a Glock 9 MM pistol will be sold for $5 each or 5 for $20. Donations and ticket sales will be used for No-Monument advertising.  
Event recommended for those 10 and up.

n  Petroglyph Video of Representative Mike Noel speaking at San Juan County’s Republican Dinner March 30.  (Thanks, Monte Wells.)  After the event, Mike drove back to Kanab, arriving about 3:30 AM.  What a road warrior he is!  Want to thank him or communicate? (mnoel@kanab.net)  Thank you, Cody Nielson, Sterling Black, Vint Degraw, the organizers of the Rep. dinner, for inviting him to come Thursday.
n  Sutherland's Institute, in conjunction with Stewards of San Juan has created a new Website and Facebook page to help keep track of the Bears Ears National Monument.   Please Like their/our page  https://www.facebook.com/RescindBearsEars/ and visit RescindBearsEars.com for more information.

n  Sign Petition to Rescind Bears Ears  and get your family/ friends to do likewise.

n  Continue to write or call Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke. He is getting LOTS of pressure from the Green Urbanites as is President Trump.  Please stay engaged with your encouraging words of support and ideas.
Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke: 1849 C Street, N.W. Washington DC 20240
(202) 208-3100
Email Dept. of the Interior

n  Interested in Old Blanding City Council minutes?   These go back to 1916! 

 Good News Bears

“[Zinke's] view is that we have too many people working in Interior in Washington, D.C., when the work that needs to be done is out in the states and particularly in the West, and he wants to move a lot of the management decisions and a lot of the people from Washington out to the states...”   Yay for Zinke!!

·       Showdown on Government over-reach addressed at Dodge City, Kansas convention.  “A coalition of Navajos and local leaders opposed to the designation of Utah’s Bears Ears region as a national monument traveled from Southern Utah to attend the conference.”  Those participating included Commissioner Bruce Adams, Val Dalton, Wendy Black, Lewis & Donna Singer, Marie Holiday, Wallace and Anna Tom and Betty Jones.  We hope they will have an opportunity for sharing information in the near future.
       One concern we have often seen is stated in the article: “In recent history, federal agencies have conferred upon themselves — through the administrative rule-making process — expansive powers and authorities not present in original statutory law. Through the cumbersome, complex and ineffective public comment/rule-making process, federal agencies create for themselves rules, regulations and policies, imposing them on the public as binding and having the weight of law.

·        BLM 2.0 repealed by Trump.  Governor Herbert and Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski were present at the signing March 27.  Herbert said, ‘"We want to optimize the management, the outcome, the results of our public lands and multiple use.  Utah and other rural states were critical of the 2.0 plan saying it added another layer that does not provide a better outcome and actually diminishes the role of the state and local governments. Undoing the regulation ensures that "western stakeholders will no longer be relegated to the sidelines, and once again be able to ensure that decisions are being made locally — not thousands of miles away at BLM headquarters," Murkowski said. (She was one of the sponsors of the bill—Write and thank her)
·       Wendell Berry quote via Jim Stiles: ”While most environmentalists object to the  impacts from the extraction of natural resources, they rarely connect the dots to the gasoline they keep pumping into their SUVs. They loathe the damage caused by the production of resources but have no trouble consuming them.”
Bad News Bears
·       See how Congressman Chris Steward was treated at the Town Hall meeting Friday, 3/31You’ll hear and see the nature of the beast we are battling.

·      Dependence upon foreign countries for minerals is troubling.  United States is now import-dependent for 50 different metals and minerals – and 100 percent import-dependent for 20.  Why then are we locking up land with natural resources?
Coming in April: Beyond Standing Rock. KUED Channel 7
Wed. April 12, noon   and Sunday April 30, 3 PM