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Zinke Shows us "Nice" by his Actions ~ May 8, 2017

Stewards of San Juan Wait for Secretary Zinke's Arrival

Target time was 5:15 Monday afternoon May 8 at Centennial Park.  We weren't sure which road the entourage would travel down, but could see both the highway and 3rd West.  We came prepared with signs, hoping for a glimpse as he drove by. We had waited about 20 minutes when a couple of normal cars passed by and didn't think anything of it.  

Cody Cosby and Suzette Morris, two active members of SOS 
Harrison Johnson and his family
President elect of Aneth Chapter
Claudia Orr and Joan Seibert.  Ed and Georgia Black 
The next thing we knew those gathered on the north end of 3rd West were gathering in a circle and lo and behold, there the man of the hour was -- Ryan Zinke -- shaking hands, attentively listening to our pleas (in both Navajo and English), and having his photo taken with hundreds of people.  Heis demeanor and speech showed him to be a gentleman, sincere, and one who had eye contact and listened.  He spent nearly an hour visiting with locals from Blanding, Monticello, White, Mesa, and McCracken Mesa and Aneth. Everyone feel blessed and honored to have experienced this unique and important visit.
Effie Brockmeir and Betty Jones were
likely the oldest ones at the Rally

State Representative Mike Noel with Anna Tom and Betty Jones

Secretary Zinke took time to meet all of the Thomas Morris family from White Mesa

Ryan, Rob, and Kathryn Wilcox

Standing United Navajo and Utes of SE Utah
Lewis and Donna Singer with
Merri Shumway talked to Sec. Zinke about the need to protect State SITLA Lands

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Environmental NGO’s in the Business of Curtailing Business in Western States

   By Janet Wilcox  (published in the San Juan Record 5/11/2017

Since entering a Bear Ears Cave 11 months ago, most of my days begin and end with questions, answers, responses, and dozens of messages all related to San Juan County’s opposition to Bears Ears Monument. Without technology, the Bears Ears issue would have been dead in the water and surrounded by sharks months ago.  Even though the Internet has leveled the playing field, well-paid sharks are still circling, and It’s not only in “monumental” waters (like Pacific Remote Islands Monument), but inland rural America is surrounded by sharks as well. It is noticeably evident that environmental paranoia has sunk to a new low. In their desperation to persuade and create a “maddening crowd”, extremists have manufactured fake “news” and FB groups designed to lead the uninformed down a path of manipulation and hysteria – the kind that causes shouting matches at public hearings!     A word to the wise, “Beware of quotes taken out of context.”

Those who take the time to discover “from whence cometh the money” triggering environmental propaganda, will see that green loan sharks are feeding America’s fears and indebtedness, and payback for them appears directly related to land collateral.
By using citizens can investigate income tax records of all non-profit organizations who are financing this feeding frenzy.  From this site, I learn that the Sierra Club’s total income for 2015 was $5,350,618! Dumbfounded, I compare that to the $10,000 San Juan County’s “No Monument” grass roots group made last year at Freedom Fest Concert, and ponder the implications. Thanks to great support and generous local donors that night, they were able to cover all their expenses, AND they do NOT pay CEOs, secretaries, or lobbyists. 
The Sierra Club paid over $2.355 million in salaries alone, in their “non-profit” business.  Unfortunately, their business is putting rural American out of business!  Part of their 2015 expenses included $536,221, plus another $19,606 in grants for “New Program Native American services and Logistical support for the Intertribal effort to secure Bears Ears National Monument.“ Money talks for sure, unfortunately it reports falsehoods.
Though not as big of a business, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance’s operational expenses for 2015 totaled $2,454,021.  Lobbying costs were $53,661; then they spent another $51,288 in advertising!  This information comes from tax return #990 forms, from organizations “exempt from Income Tax.”
Now visualize those megabucks multiplying exponentially via hundreds of other “non-profit-tax exempt” foundations across the nation. Frankly, I find it ironic that these NGO’s accuse Utah’s “elected” officials of being persuaded by big bucks from private businesses!  Yes, it is an issue of the pot calling the kettle black.

The Grand Canyon Trust can certainly recognize big business when they see it, as they have many venture capitalists on their board of directors, who have much to gain by locking up public lands. They not only use the power of money to establish policies that suppress US citizens, but they strive to control lives and land in multiple states.
You can learn who their directors are and other fascinating information at Remember, there are hundreds of board members of the same ilk nationwide, specifically chosen because of their MONEY, to serve on multiple environmental NGOs throughout the US and the world. So, don’t buy the lie (nor the products) when they claim they are free from the taint of money!  
One Grand Canyon Trust director of special interest is David Bonderman. He also sits on the board of the Wilderness Society and the World Wildlife Fund and is a “major financier” of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and other green groups. He is also one of the most successful venture capitalists in America. Bonderman is a founding partner of TPG Capital and its Asian affiliate, Newbridge Capital. TPG is a leading global private investment firm with $51.5 billion of capital under management. Within its vast portfolio, TPG has invested heavily in the energy sector. In October 2010, TPG Capital formed a new venture, Petro Harvester Oil & Gas, LLC, to invest in oil and gas producing properties in North America. TPG expects the company will “acquire” substantial exploration and production (“E&P”) assets over the next several years.  

Despite the disparity in this David and Goliath battle, San Juan County remains optimistic, especially now that a coalition of “united” States has formed with other states who have been impacted negatively by Antiquities Act overreach. Bears Ears is no longer just one insignificant rural area being targeted, but we are now joined by other states in a common cause.  Synergisticly we have increased in power, and ability to reclaim State’s Rights.  Knowing the President has asked for a review of the Antiquated Antiquities Act, shows others are listening. In the past 40 years Presidents have been influenced by global powers, and as a result the Antiquities Act has turned into a piranha feeding on the lives and livelihood of rural Americans. It is time that Congress acts to curtail its abuse. It’s time for a 12-step recovery program for the Antiquities Act.

This map (which hopefully will enlarge) will show all the federal agencies which control nearly 70% of Utah's lands.  In San Juan County we are reduced to only 8% of private land. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bear Essentials May 7, 2017

5:15-6 PM Monday May 8 Welcome Zinke to Blanding
Meet at Centennial park.  Bring signs, wear Rescind shirts
--Do not share this information outside of “No Monument” group –

n  Recap of San Juan County’s successful rally May 6   Thank you EVERYONE! Includes several videos, will take time to load all up.
n  Senator Lee has many posts on his FB page of recent events. Be sure to chime in and Welcome Ryan Zinke/ share your thoughts
n  Oversight Hearing held May 2 concerning The Antiquities Act    This is VERY INTERESTING to listen to.  Many good points discussed.

n  CRITICAL—this issue is not over! Please continue to let leaders in the Department of Interior know your concerns and the issues that Rural America faces. (write to those listed below) or add their e-mails as bcc to your newest letter to  Sec. Zinke.  He will soon make interim recommendations.  Share your stories and concerns NOW.  Our message is still “Rescind Bears Ears” and you can explain why. You can also call: (202) 208-3100.
Zinke’s e-mail
Good News Bears
n   Trump’s Executive Order Could Empower State and Local Governments to Manage Federal Lands
n  Harrison Johnson, Aneth Leader, Shares Message to President Trump
n  Senator Lee live Broadcast to San Juan County Rally
n  Rod Arquette Show interviews Ryan Benally, SOS Vice Pres.
n  NPR -- All things Considered gives overview of Bears Ears Issue
n  Coaltion for Self Government
n  Aneth Chapter disagrees with Navajo Tribe’s position on Bears Ears

Bad News Bears

n  Both good and bad news on this Twitter Feed from Senator Hatch.  As you scroll through, you’ll see why we need to write and “twitter!”

Making it Happen SOS Style

Many of us had the great please of meeting and being interviewed by this
modern day patriot from Grand Junction.  Big shout out to Reagan Girl, Marjorie Haun
Though it was nothing short of a miracle, Saturday's Celebration Rally hosted by Stewards of San Juan was a huge success.  The idea was born, and semi-planned Wed. night, and by Saturday at 1 PM, it was full blown peaceful, harmonious celebration of where we began, and where we're going.

It's 1:15 and people are still coming!  We are very encouraged!  Jolly Bayles is grilling hotdogs, because the big cookers took too much electricity!

Deb Bayles distributes Rescind Bears Ears T-shirts while Eva organized the food. Many people made generous donations, even though the shirts were free.  Such great people in San Juan county!

Everyone figured out what size shirt they needed, while KSL camera man films the proceedings.
We have yet to see any footage he took.  Guess we weren't an angry out of control mob, that sells news!
It was good to have time to visit and mingle and meet people we only knew on Facebook! 

The Lee family ready for program with front row seats.
Majorie Haun, (&Wendy Black) our Colorado Range Warrior came early
and interviewed many locals, and took pictures.
Hungry crowds waited until the program was over to eat.

The Pavilion was soon filled and the program began 
Ryan D.Wilcox, aid to Senator Mike Lee was our MC and helped orchestrate good vibes!

Scouts along with Harrison Johnson prepared for Flag Ceremony

Suzette Morris, Irene Jones  and Danielle Shirley- part of the warrior brigade

Jami Bayles, Stewards of San Juan, President spoke first.
Her message is also on our Ad in this weeks San Juan Record.


Rally Speech by Jami Bayles

Our little community has been through a lot over the last year.  We’ve dealt with fake fliers, biased journalism, and hateful comments on articles that we stayed up late nights to write. We’ve been intentionally left out of surveys and push polls, and most recently, our personal stories have been referred to as #FAKENEWS.  We’ve been called "right-wing nutjobs", "snowflakes", "tame Indians", and "token Navajos". We’ve stood in disbelief as we watched our Navajo and Ute friends be lied to and ignored by individuals who used their power and position to deceive and destroy.

On social media we’ve been misquoted, degraded, personally attacked, and our entire county was even blocked by a certain state official.  Ranchers have had their livestock put in harm’s way, and sisters were banned from a press conference hosted by companies including Black Diamond and Patagonia because they weren’t wearing the right pro-monument t-shirts. We’ve been told by out of state recreation enthusiasts, “My hobby is more important than your livelihood, so if you don’t like it, you need to move somewhere else."

If you’re like me, I’ll bet you didn’t expect the last 10 months to play out like they did. Talk about crazy!! But I’ll tell you what.I KNOW, the other side didn’t expect it either! They didn't expect to see such a huge group of people - the real people who love and care for this land the most - fight as hard as we have fought.

Over these last 10 months, this community has done extraordinary things. We have accomplished next to the impossible. We have raised thousands of dollars overnight, organized ‘next day’ events in a matter of hours, participated in parades that were hundreds of miles away, put together information booths, written thousands upon thousands of letters, organized phone-a-thons, community dinners, traveled to Kansas, Richfield, Washington DC, and several times to the State Capitol. Not to mention, we pulled off a pretty amazing Freedom Fest concert having only a few weeks to plan it.  We have silently and respectfully protested, and if the other side was smart, they'd take a page from our book. We’ve rescued stranded hikers, pulled people out of the snow, and we’ve spent a great deal of time talking to and educating those who were on the other side, but genuinely wanted to learn more. We’ve changed minds, made friends, and formed amazing relationships with others that are battling the same land issues as we are right now.

And we did this together, on our own time, and on our own dime. We did it without the millions of dollars from celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio and big name corporations like Hewlett Packard. We paid for our own commercials and our own online advertising. YOU have helped pay for these – even the guy who stopped us on the street and gave us the last $5 dollars out of his pocket, telling us, "I know this isn’t much, but I just want to help."

I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen in the next 5 weeks. What I do know, is this.... We have fought, and we will continue to fight with everything that we have, and we will continue to do it with grace and decency. We will never cave, and we will never sell ourselves out. We know the truth and we will keep fighting for what is right. We’ve transcended religion, race, cultural, and political differences. We know that this isn’t a Republic vs Democratic thing, or a Native American vs Anglo thing, or even a Mormon vs Non-Mormon thing. This is simply about what’s right and what’s wrong, and this monument that was done TO us rather than WITH us, was wrong. And we will continue to fight until this monument is rescinded and it can finally be done the right way. 

Several months ago, my son was heading to bed and apparently I was looking pretty tired and defeated that night. My son said to me, “Mom, we’re gonna lose, huh.” I told him, “I don’t know babe, but it’s kind of looking that way.”  Then he said, “So if we’re gonna lose, then why don’t you just quit? Why do you keep getting online, and researching, and posting stuff, and talking about it all day long?” And I told him “Well babe, because if we DO lose, I’ll at least know that I tried and that I fought with everything that I am.” He then said to me, “Ok. Well, I think you’re awesome, mom, and I think you need a hug.” 

So that’s what today is all about. That’s how I see all of you. You continue to fight with everything that you are, and you all could use a hug too!

Commissioner  Phil Lyman, spoke encouraging words

Rally Speech by Eva Clarke Workman
What a beautiful day, friends! Family! And Friends who are like family.

I’m so incredibly happy to see your faces here! Thank you for taking the time to come and lift each other. As I look thru the crowd I can name so many reasons why you are here, so many reasons to celebrate this beautiful place, and the many different reasons we are passionate about this cause. How cool is it that no matter how different we are, we become such a force when we act as One?

Over the course of nearly a year, we have entered into a community Boot Camp of sorts. We have learned a lot about each other. This is another reason to celebrate. It’s like a political version of Survivor and Family Feud. And we’re All. Still. Here. So while I have your attention at this “family reunion” of sorts, I hope you know how dear you are to me. Your loud voices are so brave. Your soft voices are encouraging and remind me you are with us. Thank you, for being here. Thank you for not giving up.

As we celebrate together today, I hope the energy and prayers bring new strength. In Native American Mythology, bears are symbols of strength and wisdom, and are associated with healing. In this battle we have all felt vulnerable at times. At one point, a plan that we thought was for our good, evolved into something we didn’t recognize. We stepped back, we re-grouped, we did not settle. We drew new strength, we healed and we persevered.

As we move forward, and work tirelessly into the midnight hour of the incoming news, I hope we have taken lessons from our earlier disappointments, our personal failures, our unwanted surprises and recognize the need we now have to stay continually engaged in the decisions being made about our land. The discussions, the meetings, the policies that seem so distant when discussed in Washington DC, or on Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City, or even as far, far away as our County Commission meetings in Monticello, are all so important.

May we be ever vigilant, as we no longer have the luxury of anonymity.
May we be ever studying, as we learn to better protect our freedoms.
May we be ever present, and ready to do the work that requires our Rural American hearts.

From the Stewards of San Juan, from my ancestors whose hands first loved this beautiful red earth, and from the families who joined together then and now to love this place, THANK YOU and KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT! 

The surprise of the afternoon was Senator Mike Lee's live feed, a great ending to our program.
We so appreciate his support.

Merri Shumway was one of approximately 100 people providing oral testimonies.
She spoke on our concerns to protect SITLA lands in San Juan County

Truly there were never "such devoted sisters" in such a cause as this!
Jami Bayles and Devin Bayles Hancock

All generations of stewards came to our Rally.Iva Lou Perkins, and Joey Holliday, are behind the scenes "go to" gals

Shout out to Ted Black who is always so willing to help his energizer bunny wife !
We were worried that we wouldn't even have 100 attend on such short notice, but they came by the hundreds, and we had a full house, with spillover onto the lawns.  (Kim Henderson Photo)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bear Essentials April 30, 2017


'In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends'.    Martin Luther King

Thank you to all who wrote to defend Mia Love (on her official FB site).  It would be important to do that for all our Congressmen as well. They continue to be under attack.

          Beyond Standing Rock: Beyond Standing Rock–
airs on KUED Sunday Apr 30th, 3:00pm

n  Antiquities Act Review, Restoring Hope to Rural America   This contains a great overview and lists of all monuments of the past 21 years.
n  Bears Ears at the Center of a National Antiquities Act Review    The Presidential Order directed Zinke and his department to conduct a review of monument designations over the last 21 years of 100,000 acres or greater, with an interim report due in 45 days and a final report expected in 120 days. Now is the time to write!
n  CRITICAL! Please continue to let these people in the Department of Interior know your concerns and the issues that Rural America faces.  In less than 40 days, Sec. Zinke will make interim recommendations.  Share your stories and concerns NOW.  Our message is still “Rescind Bears Ears” and you can explain why. You can also call: (202) 208-3100.,          ,,         ,,  ,


Good News Bears

Bad News Bears
n  Outdoor Life Chastises Zinke.    They take comments – write
n  Interview with Ammon Bundy 4/27/2017     (turn up sound)