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Cows Not Condos! ~~Bear Essentials~~ Dec. 6-14, 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas

The San Juan Record has many books

 and even the newest National Geographic

 with articles/ history of Bears Ears.  

Past issues of Blue Mountain Shadows 

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~~Jim Carlson: Reforming Administrative Government

~~Landowner Wants out of Bluff City Incorporation

~~Read and Support the Canyon Zephyr

~~Boulder Rancher uses Cows to Protest Tourism

~~ Read and Support: Free Range Report

~~More National Parks Needed; Bring on the Tourists Opinion SLT

~~Interior Dept. Inspector General Confirms Abuses by BLM employees

~~Lawsuits, Legislation, and Land Use since Bears Ears/ Grand Staircase were Downsized --KSL

~~Malheur Ranchers Given a Week to Respond to 'Fishy' Forest Service Report
"For example, federal agencies have developed their environmental data about steelhead populations by studying areas where fish are unlikely to travel, such as upstream of multiple “check dams” installed by the Forest Service to slow water flow, Stout said.
Though ranchers aren’t responsible for the problem, grazing cattle nonetheless get the blame, he said. If you go against their agenda, you’re demonized,” he said."
~~Mark Franklin and Rose Chilcoat Claim They Were Kidnapped   --"In another bizarre turn of events last week, Franklin’s team filed a complaint with the San Juan County Prosecutors Office claiming Mark Franklin and Rose Chilcoat were kidnapped by Zeb Dalton and Zane Odell when they detained them at the scene of the crime in 2017.

~~Friends of Cedar Mesa Involved in Self Appointed Road Closure
"Last week Josh Nielson of Blanding, Utah was out with a client in the Butler Wash / Comb Ridge area when he came across a group of folks building barricades across a couple of county roads. One of the roads was county road D2138 which was not closed. . . The fact that FCM, who purport to be “environmentalists,” are dragging logs, rocks, digging up sand and dirt to create these barricades without an environmental impact study, should cause great concern for the BLM. The transference and damage to artifacts as well as damage to the macrobiotic soil (Cryptobiotic soil crust), plants, and the area in general should warrant a criminal investigation to say the least by the Bureau of Land Management."  The Petroglyph Dec. 5


Political Ponderings:

Quotes from Thomas Jefferson

~~"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those  who are willing to work and give to those who would not.-- TJ

~~"It is incumbent on every generation  to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on, would save one-half the wars of the world."  --TJ

~~"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretense of taking care of them."--TJ

~~"My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government."TJ

 ~~"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." --TJ

~~"To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes, the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.--TJ   

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Battle over Bears Ears~~KUED

KUED Documentary on Bears Ears
Bill Keshlear and Jim Stiles Examine "Battle Over Bears Ears"

Jim Stiles Looks at CNN, PBS and KUED Documentaries on Bears Ears. 

Sloppy Journalism or Glimmer of Hope?  (Includes links to video and other references)

Occult group in Monument Vally -- Escorted out -- Navajo Times Nov. 30

Why the Right to Bear Arms is Important

Kay Shumway: Roots, Recreation, and Reflections of Life in San Juan   A great article by Jim  So over three summers I rode my bike from Canada to Mexico. First year, I went a thousand miles. Then I went back to where we’d quit, and went 800 miles the second year. The third year,  I completed the last 700 miles."
Stiles capturing milestones and events in the life of Patsy and Kay Shumway including: family, education, development of a college campus in Blanding, orchards and biking. "
Green House:  "I believed in solar power. Photovoltaics and water heating. And so, the kids and I built a greenhouse. About 70 feet long and 18 feet wide and the slope of the glazing to get maximum sun in the wintertime. And we grew tomatoes and cucumbers. We had these barrels full of water. The sun would shine in there, heat up the water in those barrels, keep it from freezing at night. So we’d walk in through 2 feet of snow, walk in and be warm, all these lush plants, our tomatoes up 6 feet high. "

Cross Still Stands Following Horrific California Fires

Free Range Report Needs Your Support
As you reflect upon those who have helped the cause of freedom and Public Land Use please  consider making a donation to Free Range Report :  Majorie Haun has stuck her neck out and dedicated her time to exposing falsehoods, and promoting freedom for years, and she was instrumental in keeping SOS informed and San Juan County in the broader loop of westerners who supported us as well.   Donate Through this Portal

How the Monumental Bad News Started in 2016:  

Bears Ears Brinkmanship: With Friends Like These, Does Cedar Mesa Need Enemies?
…by Stacy Young

"One such nugget comes about an hour into the (fall 2016 John Hopkins) presentation, when Tommy Beaudreau, Chief-of-Staff of former Interior Secretary Jewell, explains that the decision to launch the monument directly into the current political thresher was done with full knowledge that what has happened would happen. He acknowledges that the administration knew in late 2016 that the monument proclamation would be received as an act of provocation if not a declaration of total war. They knew there was no chance that the monument as designated would be properly funded or any other constructive steps taken toward its implementation. They knew the ensuing controversy would be protracted and the outcome of the fight uncertain. They knew this chain reaction would negatively impact the landscape and its cultural resources. And still they set it in motion."

Beware of "Wolves at the Door" in Utah's Dixie by Senator Orrin Hatch

Mexican Wolves Do Not Belong in Utah!
"As part of their proposal to “reintroduce” 750 Mexican wolves, these scientists want to have a self-sustaining population of 250 wolves in southern Utah and northern Arizona – places that fall well outside the predators’ historic range. How can you “recover” Mexican wolves in areas where they have not been?"


Though some of our ABC friends (i.e. Judy Mueller) 
feel that the Canyon Zephyr articles are too long with too many details, 
those interested in news with facts and research, find the Zephyr very refreshing. 
In a world of fake news, superficial research, and 30 second news briefs, it's a miracle that any of us know anything close to truth.    This is why "non-beholden" news outlets like the Zephyr need to be supported.  I hope you take this opportunity during this season to

Help The Zephyr and, for as long as our supplies last, receive a free signed copy of Jim Stiles' book:

Brave New West:
Morphing Moab at the Speed of Greed
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Election Fallout and New Attacks on the West

Worth a Reread or Full 1st time Read: 

A “MONUMENTAL” CHANGE: San Juan County Embraces Industrial Tourism

           …by Jim Stiles

Moab's Main Street: Is this our goal? 

Good News Bears

--Farmers Almanac Forcast for this winter:

~~Wildlife-related recreation on BLM land boosts Utah’s economy by $79.1M

Bad News Bears

~~Imagine a country that often has a corrupt authoritarian government. In that country no one knows about checks and balances or an independent court system. Private property is not recognized in that country. Neither can one buy or sell land. Businesses are reluctant to bring investments into this country. Those who have jobs usually work for the government public sector. Those who don’t have jobs subsist on entitlements that provide basic food.  Where do you think that closest Sovereign Nation is?  And how many Native Americans face this tragedy?
Be sure to read this whole article.  There is much that needs to change.
    "Native Americans receive more federal subsides than anybody else in the United States. This includes subsidized housing, health, education, and direct food aid. Yet, despite the uninterrupted flow of federal funds, they are the poorest group in the country. The poverty level on many reservations ranges between 38 and 63 percent (up to 82 percent on some reservations), and half of all the jobs are usually in the public sector. This is before the crisis of 2008! You don’t have to have a Ph.D. in economics to figure out that one of the major sources of this situation is a systemic failure of the federal Indian policies."  Author: Andrei Znamenski

~~With all the problems Salt Lake City has, somehow their Mayor, Jackie Biskupski, seems to be overly concerned about San Juan County.  Follow her Blog for more craziness

~~Public lands in Worse Shape than Privately owned Lands  True Conservation impossible without property rights. 


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~~BEAR ESSENTIALS: Nov. 4, 2018~~ Last edition

I've been publishing this newsletter for 28 months and constraints on my time are such that this will be the last issue.  I can't keep going to bed at 2 AM!! The Beyond Bears Ears Blog will remain up and I will add links to current articles worth reading. There are also hundreds of links on the site if you need to reference anything from the past several years.  Otherwise, just go to Save the Bears Ears on Facebook.  Current needs and discussion will be there.  Thank you for your support during this long battle, which unfortunately isn't over.  Thank you for caring enough to stay informed and active in public lands issues.  Janet

    ~~BEAR ESSENTIALS: Nov. 4, 2018
Happenings in the West

~~Rural Business Summit for SE Utah in Price Nov. 9:
San Juan County Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Students, and Community Leaders:
Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox will be the Keynote Speaker followed by interactive training sessions and business breakouts. Take advantage of the networking opportunities and browse our business exhibit booths. Enjoy a catered lunch along with a presentation by Derek Miller of the Salt Lake Chamber. Gain insights and best practices in rural employment as you listen to our business resource panel. And hear from our closing Keynote Speaker Vale Hale, Executive Director at Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development. Those concerned about growth, economy, and the future should attend.
Bears Ears Screening.jpg

good news bears copy.jpg

bad news bears copy.jpg
n  Marsha Holland: Backed by Green Out-of-State Money
The majority of Holland’s contributions are from the Salt Lake Valley, which is generally more liberal than southern Utah. And interestingly, her donations are also from supporters in Chevy Chase, Maryland, San Francisco and Berkeley, California, Boulder and  Durango, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois, and locations in states including Arizona New Jersey, Connecticut, Alabama, Ohio and Oregon.”
With these out-of-district, out-of-state contributions, Holland’s campaign has outraised Republican favorite, Phil Lyman, by at least a multiple of 4. By contrast, Lyman, a southeastern Utah native and Commissioner in San Juan County, has received contributions exclusively from within the state, from individuals in his hometown of Blanding, as well as a handful of conservative political interests in Salt Lake City.”

Documenting Bears Ears Controversy and Public Land Issues since July 2016

Friday, October 19, 2018

~~BEAR ESSENTIALS: Oct. 20, 2018~~

Matt Redd Monticello rancher, photo by Aaron Huey
November 2018 issue of National Geographic
~~Bears Ears: Lead story in November National Geographic: Battle for the American West
Though dozens of local people were interviewed over the course of several weeks by author Hannah Nordhaus, very little was used in the actual article from those interviews.  The editing staff at Nat’l Geo was part of that dilemma, and the real story was bigger than a single article could cover. Maps and photographs were great.  Sandy Johnson was one of several ranchers who were interviewed. (Photos were by Aaron Huey who made at least 4 or more trips to San Juan)


Energy Fuels White Mesa Uranium Mill--Aaron Huey photo
Kyle Kimmele, one of many SE Utah citizens who own mining leases.  Photo by Aaron Huey
“One of many comments made by businesses impacted by foreign suppliers of uranium: “The US uranium industry has suffered great harm and our national security is threatened as a result of excessive imports of foreign uranium. The United States over reliance on price insensitive uranium from countries like Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with their state-owned and funded companies, has displaced US production and led to a severe decline in the industry. As a service provider to the US uranium industry, this has also hurt our business.”

~~Write-In Candidates for County Commissioner—Districts 2 and 3                                                          
1)     Republican Al Clark running as Write-in against Kenneth Maryboy District 3

2) Democrat Maryleen Tahy running as write-in District 2 

 Audio of  Debate with Marsha Holland.
 “Public lands management is an area that we certainly do not agree on. I prefer local management of local resources and I rely on constitutional provisions that guarantee that even a state like Utah has an equal footing with other states. Federal agencies are creating massive problems to which they claim to be the solution. It is time for Utah to end the madness. We are not a federal administrative unit, but a sovereign and independent State; sometimes we have to act like it. 
I have never been accused of being neutral on matters of public land, fiscal responsibility, or political accountability. The State Legislature has the duty to safeguard these qualities and to safeguard the liberty of the people against federal encroachment, not the reverse for which Ms. Holland seems to advocate.
“Any legislation that I am involved in is going to emphasize less government interference with people’s lives and more accountability from government agencies. If I could figure out legislation to rein in the federal agencies and put them in their proper jurisdictional role instead of this god-like role that they think they have, I would do that.”    Recapture Incident: “A mistake that I made was believing that the federal agencies had integrity and that the department of justice believed that a person was innocent until proven guilty. And that the U.S. attorneys followed that same ideology.
~~Kelly Laws Running for County Commissioner in District 3

Why Voters Should Not Support Tax Increases 

By Phil Lyman


Be sure to vote: Mail in or at polling booths


Read Past Editions of Bear Essentials at:
Documenting Bears Ears Controversy and Public Land Issues since July 2016