Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sneak Peak~Freedom Fest Star: Tim Gates ~ Songs and Videos ~~ Listen,Then Get Your Tickets for Sept. 9

Music by Tim Gates:

Tim Gates' talent and style are evident in the songs below.  Some he wrote, others are co-written. Both Gates' voice and writing talent have kept him busy for the past 15 years in Nashville. Not bad for a kid from Richfield, Utah!  We're so pleased to have him performing for us at Freedom Fest 2017, on Sept. 9

Gates' Hits on Lucas Hoge Album-Dirty South: 2017

Tim Gates: Favorites and EFY

Bible and the Belt  (written by Tim Gates
Things You Can't Do in a Car (written by Tim Gates)
John Deere, JOhn 3:16 2008
The man I'm Meant to be  EFY 2015 (written by Tim Gates)
Like All Great Men   EFY 2012 (written by Tim Gates)

Due West Performances with Tim Gates

Bluest Eyes in Texas 2011
Old Flame 2011
Sweet Gravity 2011
Slide On Over 2014
What Would you Take (for Huricane Sandy Relief 2012)
Everything is Beautiful (From Letters to God, 2011)
Girl with a Twang  2013 Move Like That Album

Tim Gates Performing: 

Long Line of Love  (for Valentines)  by Michael Martin Murphy
I Must have Loved You Before  (Nashville Tribute to the Pioneers)
Coming Home  (Nashville Tribute to the Pioneers 2007)
Coming Home ~ Missionary Mix 2011
God is Good    (Nashville Tribute to the Pioneers 2014)
I Get that all the Time  2009
Tell Her  with his wife-- Campfire verson 2009
Tell Her   Lounge Performance 2011

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